Parent Testimonials

Our 7-1/2 year old daughter Lucy is warm, engaging, funny, bright, motivated, curious and eager to learn. We truly believe a big part of who she has become is the direct result of her attending the Montessori School of San Francisco from age 3-months to 5-years old. The care, the teaching, the warmth and love that Lucy felt and experienced during her time there will benefit her for a lifetime. Our family is grateful for this truly special pre-school and recommend it as highly as possible.
Damian and Steve (Parents of Lucy)
Our daughter has been at Montessori of SF for almost two years. We transitioned her quickly at the age of 13 months after a big disappointment with our nanny. She loves coming to "school" and is thriving in terms of development. She comes home with new skills,'interests and words every day. Her social skills are blossoming. Ms Vasi and all the teachers are friendly, warm and very attentive to my daughter's needs and supportive of our family. They have helped us through potty training, tantrums, a move, arrival of a new sibling- always with the utmost patience, experience and a tailored approach based on my daughters personality and developmental stage. They have taught me a lot about parenting and how to best work with my toddler ! Above all, It is clear to me that Ms Vasi and the teachers cherish my daughter for who she is and recognize her potential and to me that it is the most important thing that an educator can do to support a child's development!
My daughter was one of the first babies, in the infant program . She is now in her 2nd semester of college at St. Mary's College in Moraga, on a academic scholarship. She has had a thirst for learning and the school environment her entire life. My son who is now 21 also attended pre school here, and thrived. He was born 3 month premature and grew by leaps and bounds once he started this program. Ms. Vasi was a friend and mentor to me. My husband and I still talk about how lucky we were, to find this school. The fact that Stella and Martha are still here, speaks volumes.
Our son was in the loving care of the wonderful teachers at Montessori School of SF from 4 months until he went off to kindergarten this year. WE, as new parents, were also cared for by the staff, including lots of feedback on our son's progress, tips on sleep and potty training, etc. - which was fantastic as we had no local family to give us pointers! Our son was completely prepared for kindergarten (what a wonderful job Ms. Martha does!), and we are all still friends with many of the families we met through the school. I would highly recommend the school, Ms. Vasi, and all the teachers. The individualized attention is fantastic, the classrooms are clean and orderly, and the academics for the older children truly prepare your child.
My daughter has been going to this school since she was 2. She is now 3.5 and our entire family is in love with this school! The entire staff is completely amazing. They have really been like a second family for us. Every day I pick up my daughter, she, as well as all of the other kids, are so happy and I always see the staff being kind and using encouraging words. Since my daughter started there, her skills went through the roof. I have always been thrilled with what she has learned at her age. I've also witnessed all of the older children (4 and up) reading with ease and even doing math problems. This is such a wonderful school and our family couldn't have made a better decision!
We are very happy with the care & teachings provided by the Montessori school. Both my infant son and 4 year old were warmly welcomed and quickly adapted to their new environment. The teachers are loving and great educators (a particular shout out to the 3 women caring for the teeny tiny babies), the parent community is very involved and Mrs Vasi is an extremely dedicated professional who makes everyone (both children & parents) feel special.
Our little guy went into the infant room when he was 3.5 months and I could not be happier with the school. Finding daycare is a very stressful experience for a new parent and I feel so lucky that I found this place . The teachers/caregivers are so wonderful, caring, and professional. When I'm at work I never think twice about his safety or well-being. Ms. Stella has been the head teacher in the infant room forever and is a baby whisperer. This is my first baby and she has taught me so much when it comes to feeding, sleeping, etc. Ms. Vasi is the director and started this program from the ground up and is extremely invested in all the children and their families. I have recommended the infant care to my friends who are having their little guy start next week.