Our infant program is designed to offer a healthy and secure environment with experienced teachers who honor your child's and family’s routine. You can rest assured that your child is loved, safe and well cared for under our supervision. We constantly acknowledge that we are not caring for just any child, but the most important child; yours.

Individualized Care for Your Baby

Our program has been carefully designed to support all of your baby’s exciting developmental milestones while within a safe, stimulating environment.

Program highlights include:
  • An assigned primary caregiver for one-on-one moments of care, play, and communication.
  • Personalized care plans to support daily schedules, nutritional guidelines, and other needs unique to your child.
  • Sensory-rich spaces and soft places to explore, roll over, pull up, and crawl.
  • Safety, security, and cleanliness practices that meet or exceed all state and local guidelines.
Learning that Inspires from Day One

Our curriculum includes six infant Signature Practices which encourage exploration and discovery to stimulate early learning:
Prime Times: One-on-one interactions to build nurturing relationships in the midst of everyday moments
Daily Reading: Age-appropriate books to support listening, vocabulary, and an early love of reading.
Art Activities: Finger painting, music, and pretend play to spark creativity.
Sign Language: Basic signs only — “more” and “please” — to communicate needs and build language development.
Treasure Baskets: Natural and everyday objects to encourage exploration and develop curiosity.
Outdoor Discovery: Time outside to explore nature and refine motor and sensory development in new environments.